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Scheduling Rules

When scheduling a glider for a scheduled time, the pilot should have the glider ready for launch at the intersection at that time.

Lark Basic Lesson: used for instructional flights
Limited to mornings terminating at 13:00 on weekends.

Lark Advanced: used for long thermaling flights with and without instructor.
Available all weekdays and on weekends after 13:00pm.
Lessons with instructor focused on thermaling are limited to two-hour block.

Reservations for all gliders on weekends are limited to a 2-hour block of time.

If no one has expressed an interest in the aircraft at time of launch, a longer flight would be possible.  Reservation system can be a key tool, where pilots can express their intent to fly an aircraft and anyone with the same desire can contact the first party and negotiate.  Members are encouraged in all cases to “work things out” and the ability to see a day in advance who wants to fly what and when can facilitate such discussions. Generally speaking, members are encouraged to work cooperatively with each other to achieve an equitable sharing of our glider resources to avoid the need for hard and fast rules, and the resulting complexity.