Fees and Dues

 Demo Flight$85.00 for a 20 to 30 minute flight, depending on
atmospheric conditions. 
 Introductory Offer$480.00-Good for (6) flights with an instructor, tows included, within 60 days.

 Tow Fees
$24.00 for the first 1000’ AGL and $.75 per hundred feet after that. Pattern Tow $19.00, 800' and lower.

 Tow Plane Rental$95.00 per hour

 Glider Rental
$10.00 per hour plus $3.00 per flight maintenance fee.
The LS-3A’s maintenance fee is $10.00.

 Club Dues$50.00 per month, March through October (8 months)

 SSA Dues$64.00 per year
(Membership required for all members; Includes "Soaring" magazine)

 Instructional Fee$10.00 per Flight

 New Membership$368.00 (Includes Initiation Fee - $200.00,
$54.00 for the books required for training.)

 Associate Membership$50.00 per month flown in.
$10.00 additional per tow.
No use of club equipment.

 Family Membership$25.00

 Student MembershipFee - $25.00, Dues -
$10.00 per Month, SSA