Glider Rides

For a $125 donation, you can take a ride with us on an introductory flight. We offer flights the first Saturday of each month May through October. You will experience the thrill of ridge soaring and see some incredible scenery, including colossal scars left by the great Missoula Flood. The views of the Cascade Mountains and the Columbia Basin, as an eagle sees them, are yours for life. We do indeed have gift certificates!

Here is a preview of what to expect. After a pre-flight briefing on the operation of the glider and use of seat belts, you and your commercially-rated pilot will be towed aloft behind our glider tug. Once you are several thousand feet above the airport, you will release the towline and experience the unique thrill of soaring flight.  Be prepared for some awesome sight-seeing! 

Following your tour of the area, you will begin a descent towards the runway.  Your pilot will control the descent using "air-brakes"... high drag braking surfaces that deploy from the wings.  Using the skillful application of techniques taught to all students, your pilot will seek to perform a "spot landing"; that is, to touch-down very precisely at an exact, predetermined location. The ability to consistently land in this way contributes greatly to safety and is the goal of every glider pilot.

Preparing for your Glider Ride
  1. As with any aircraft we need to meet certain weight & balance criteria for safety of flight. For the sailplane we fly the passengers must weigh less than 185 lbs. Also, keep in mind that our aircraft can only accommodate one passenger per flight.  If you meet this criteria we can certainly arrange a flight.
  2. Register for your flight.
  3. Print out and complete a copy of the liability release form.
  4. Be sure to arrive at the club-house one hour before your scheduled flight so we can help you take care of any remaining paperwork and get you ready for your flight.
  5. Bring a sun hat, sun glasses, sun lotion, and a jacket.
  6. Be prepared for a nice (often hot!) stroll across the airfield. We launch the gliders from midfield.
  7. Don't forget your camera; the views are awesome! You may carry the camera aboard, but you must keep its lanyard around your wrist in case you lose your grip. Your pilot will advise you of excellent photo ops. Please do take a lot of photos, and send us some!
  8. If you are very prone to motion sickness, you may wish to rethink this opportunity, or think about scheduling a flight earlier in the day when the air is smooth. If you feel ill during the flight, tell the pilot, who will have you back on the ground within 5 minutes. As part of the pre-flight, your pilot will point out the location of motion sickness bags.
  9. If you have any concerns, don't hesitate to ask the pilot or one of the crew. We want you to have fun!
  10. You will remember your glider flight forever! Tell others about your ride with Cascade Soaring Society. We are a non-profit organization, and any proceeds we generate go back to our club. Thank you for supporting soaring and general aviation by flying with us!
Recent Glider Ride Video

Recent Glider Ride

To support our operating costs, Cascade Soaring Society requests a $125.00 donation. Interested? You can register at the link above, or drop us a line at: .