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2012 Open House
Cascade Soaring Society is pleased to announce that we will be holding an Open House on June 16th and 17th.  As part of our Open House, we will be giving tours of our facility and offering glider rides to fun-seekers, potential club members, and prospective student pilots. Flights will be conducted from our club-house at Pangborn Memorial Airport.
Interested in taking a flight? Here is a preview of what to expect.  After a pre-flight briefing on the operation of the glider and use of seat belts, you and your commercially-rated pilot will be towed aloft behind our glider tug. Once you are several thousand feet above the airport, you will release the towline and experience the unique thrill of soaring flight.  Be prepared for some awesome sight-seeing! 

Following your tour of the area, you will begin a descent towards the runway.  Your pilot will control the descent using "air-brakes"... high drag braking surfaces that deploy from the wings.  Using the skillful application of techniques taught to all students, your pilot will seek to perform a "spot landing"; that is, to touch-down very precisely at an exact, predetermined location. The ability to consistently land in this way contributes greatly to safety and is the goal of every glider pilot.