CloudStreet -Soaring the American West

posted Mar 12, 2014, 3:50 PM by cascade soaring   [ updated Mar 12, 2014, 3:50 PM ]

"CloudStreet - Soaring the American West" is a soaring documentary in progress...but even at this early stage its worth checking out.  Video is all high-definition and looks to be of excellent quality.  You can check out the trailer here, and read more about the project at  

10 Electric Planes to Watch

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Check out this article from the IEEE  (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers): 10 Electric Planes to Watch.  It's interesting, but not surprising, that these aircraft are all gliders or glider-like. 

Last Summer

posted May 22, 2013, 11:35 AM by Mark Adams

Rain Rain Rain
Time for Reminiscing of warmer days with 2 miles of lift......
Here is a portal to 15 minutes of last Summer, a collection of clips that tell a single story of soaring flight from Wenatchee, WA, climbing west to the mountains to escape the sweltering heat of July.

YouTube Video

For best effect, choose 720p resolution (gear icon) if your connection will support it.
If you made it to Wings and Wheels last Fall, you saw this already, but outside light doesn't do it justice. It looks much better inside with normal PC monitors.

Airfield Closures

posted May 10, 2013, 4:24 PM by cascade soaring   [ updated May 10, 2013, 4:31 PM ]

Beginning Monday, May 13th, the airport will be undertaking a construction project to fill and re-grade a portion of the terrain under the approach to Runway 30. This project will require temporary closures of various airfield surfaces and turning off lighting and/or navigational aids.


  • On Monday, May 13th, Runway 12/30 will be completely closed from 7am until 10am.
  • From Monday, May 13th until Friday, May 31st, the following airfield surfaces, navaids and lighting systems will be unavailable:
    • The first 400 feet of Runway 30 will be closed.
    • Taxiway A1 will be closed.
    • Taxiway A between TWY A1 and TWY A2 will be closed.
    • Runway 12 ILS Glideslope, Localizer and DME will be out of service.
    • Runway 30 RNAV (RNP) Procedure will be unavailable.
    • Runway 30 PAPI (Precision Approach Path Indicator) will be out of service.
    • Runway 30 RAIL (Runway Alignment Indicator Lights) will be out of service.
    • Runway 30 REIL (Runway End Identifier Lights) will be out of service.

Wings over Sweden

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Have you heard of "kickstarter"? It's a capital-raising website where  investors (aka web surfers) can get together to fund a business opportunity.  A group from Sweden just raised money to complete a documentary series titled "Wings over Sweden".  The promo's look fun, hope to see the final product when finished.

Congratulations, Mark!

posted Feb 6, 2013, 8:29 AM by cascade soaring

Club-member Mark Adams has landed another one of his photographs on the front cover of this months Soaring Magazine.   Congratulations, Mark!

By the way, that's Marks handiwork across the top of our webpage.  That photo was taken from the cockpit of the club's L-33 from high over Badger Mountain, which is a just few miles North-East of our home field.

New favorite glider videos

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YouTube Video

Here is a sample YouTube video from "Balleka's" channel...nice!

Stick with this one until the 2:15 mark, then it really gets going.  Enjoy!

Happy Holidays!

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Hope everyone is ready for the holidays.

Looking for last minute gifts?  A glider ride is always a good idea!  

Need something for a soaring pilot you know? Cumulus Soaring has a nice page of gift ideas here.

Of course, if you want to go big, don't hesitate to check out some more options here!

Aviation Day, Saturday October 6th

posted Oct 4, 2012, 10:06 AM by cascade soaring

Aviation Day at Pangborn Airport is this Saturday, October 6th.  There will be lots of activities, including a pankcake breakfast put on by the local EAA chapter, and a glider display by Cascade Soaring Society. If you want to learn more about general aviation, and especially about flying gliders, come check it out!

Glider operations area NOTAM removed

posted Sep 28, 2012, 5:38 PM by David Goetsch

Happy Friday to All,


The Taxiway Alpha Lighting and Airfield Safety Improvements Project came to a halt more than a week ago due to the extremely smoky conditions, particularly at night. We are optimistic and wanted to give you the schedule for the next two weeks.


On Monday, October 1st, Runway 12-30 will be closed from 8:00 PM to 11:30 PM  and then from midnight to 5:30 AM. This will continue daily until Friday morning at 5:30.


The glider operations area has been reopened and the NOTAM removed.


Taxiway F will be closed from 10:00 AM through 8:00 PM on Monday, October 8th. If you will be flying between those hours and you are in the east hangar area please tie your aircraft down on the ramp prior to the closure. Monday, October 8th Runway 12/30 will be closed from 8:00 PM to 11:30 PM. On Tuesday, October 9th, Taxiway Bravo and Charlie will be closed from 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM. Don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions.


On another note, we hope to see many of you at this year’s Aviation Day, held Saturday October 6th from 10 to 4. The EAA is hosting a pancake breakfast at 9:00 (8:00 for local pilots and participants) – the cost is $5 per plate. Thanks to the many businesses and tenants who are involved in this year’s event!


Have a good weekend,




Tina Flohr

Administrative Manager

Pangborn Memorial Airport

(509)884-2494 x 209


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