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Airfield Closures

posted Sep 15, 2012, 12:29 PM by David Goetsch


It appears we may get a brief break from the smoke tonight or tomorrow, I’ve got my fingers crossed.  (I’ve already been holding my breath, so I didn’t think that would help.)  As of this morning there are still several firefighting helicopters staging at EAT.  I have been told that many of them will soon be moving to locations that will put them in a better strategic position to fight the fires.  However, there are some National Guard helicopters here to assist with the fire suppression efforts that will continue to operate off of the closed Runway 7/25.  Consequently, the “Glider Operations Area” is still closed until further notice.


I also wanted to make you aware that we will be closing the main runway Monday through Thursday of next week to allow our contractor to complete the last of the wiring for the ongoing airfield lighting project.  The runway will be closed nightly from 9pm until 5:30am with a brief re-opening at 11:30pm to allow the arrival of Alaska Airlines flight 2134. 


For those who may be wondering, I have coordinated these closures with the USFS and have been assured that it will not impact their operations since they generally do not conduct extensive aerial firefighting operations after dark.



Ron Russ

Interim Airport Director

(509) 884-2494


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