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Bad Weather--Work on Web Site

posted Mar 27, 2011, 4:21 PM by Unknown user

We have loaded a bunch of goodies into the documents section of our new Google Group Site, and all the documents are pretty well organized as well.  You will find there "freebees" such as cross country soaring guides, information on landing out, and efficient use of thermals.

Especially look in "Maps" to find a multi-page PDF sectional, created in Glide Plan, with distance/altitude circles. Our central Washington area is perfectly parsed out in this document, so that all the local trips are on one page (Page 4). Also, the maps print to scale, so you can use a plotter on them, if your printer doesn't mess up the scale that is.  There are numerous landout areas on these maps as well, because they were created from Region 8 contest way point files. Everyone should use one of these in their cross country planning and carry it with them when they fly!

Since the weather was crappy, that's what I did instead of flying this weekend.