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Cross Country Seminar

posted May 10, 2011, 8:23 AM by Unknown user

Vitek kindly agreed to spend part of a Saturday morning with any members wishing to learn about cross-country soaring.  I also agreed to do a hands-on cross-country plan, as recommended in the literature and relate this to Glide Plan, a nice piece of planning software.  Consequently, will split this seminar into two different sessions.  The question is "when should we do them?"  Vitek cannot make it this Saturday.  Mark will be gone as well (I think). Memorial Day weekend is the Dust-Up, and I will be gone a lot of the weekend, but I can certainly drive over to do this in the late afternoon or evening.   How would some Friday afternoon work, with our planning session followed by dinner?  Somebody make a recommendation and let's discuss it in our discussion forum.

By the way, I had planned on flying to Mansfield Sunday or follow Vitek somewhere.  Vitek got up before the valley closed off behind a wall of black virga.  I got up right as the routes closed off.  So much for plans! I basically was locked in near Cashmere for a while.  I  I have never flown in more violent conditions except over the mountains in Montana on power excursions.  (This didn't stop Vitek who made an afternoon of it!)