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posted Feb 26, 2012, 11:22 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Feb 26, 2012, 11:36 AM ]
Vitek and I attended the Flight Instructor Refresher Clinic last weekend, led by Rich Carlson, Soaring Safety Foundation Trustee, and Ron Ridenour, owner of a large commercial glider operation.  Approximately 30 instructors, glider pilots, and power pilots attended the two-day meeting. Vitek and I will discuss the pertinent information from this meeting during our safety briefing on opening day, along with some ideas gained from talking with other pilots there.

Briefly, some major points emphasized during the FIRC were:

1.  All of us make mistakes, but redundancy in safety procedures, flying proficiency, and knowledge about flying can help keep us safe.
2.  General Aviation Training and Operations should (will?) become more like that in Commercial Aviation, where redundancy, proficiency, and knowledge keep errors from cascading into relatively fewer incidents and accidents. 
3.  Clubs with clear, enforceable safety, operational, and proficiency rules run better than those without them.
4.  Scenario based training should (will?) become a standard practice in GA education.
5.  Regular briefings during all phases of a flight ensure redundancy and promote safe flying.
6.  Good aeronautical decision making is critical to flying safely.  

Before you fly this season, take a few minutes to review Rich Carlson's Powerpoint Presentation,
Ten Things Your Instructor Told You, That You Forgot.  Although geared for instructors, the points he makes are good for every pilot to review.

See you on opening day.