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posted Apr 20, 2011, 11:01 AM by Mark Adams
The L33 log sheet for 04/19 shows a 3.5 hr flight to 11k'. Go Don! OLC candidate in the works.
Just a heads up especially for Spring flying. Remember the temp at 11k can be 30ishDeg below surface temp, so if you launch in 55deg, expect the Outside Air Temp  at cruise to be well below freezing. The L33 Borgelt can display the OAT, taken from the vent sensor. This gives you an idea how much to shiver to keep warm. Actually that part is automatic.
Hiding from the sun in lift under CUs just makes it worse for us. The effects of hypothermia can last well after landing, the most critical time of the flight.
Dress warm, especially feet and legs that hide in the shade and are in the coldest part of the cockpit. Don was happy with his wool socks (and longjohns?), but still felt the bite of the cold.
One last note, on isometrics. Reclining in the cockpit does not generate much body heat. Mild isometric exercises can rev up the body and help keep you warm.