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Soaring Easter Weekend

posted Apr 22, 2011, 8:21 PM by Unknown user

High pressure dominates Saturday with clear skies and dry air.  Expect squatty thermals with few cloud markers.  Although the air is not predicted to be too unstable, the Rel Hum/Lifted Index chart shows LIs = 4 with 40-50% humidity in our area at 4:00 pm Saturday.  I think this will work out well about 2:00 or so.

Sunday, a SW flow starts in.  SW flow in the spring can be good.  I expect increasing cloudiness toward late afternoon, but a window of unstable air should move through in late morning to early afternoon. 


Doug posted that he can tow at 1:00 on Saturday.  John will tow earlier on Saturday for Mark's Flight Review.  John is also available on Easter Sunday if you make arrangements with him.


Drink water while flying for long periods.  In particular, this is important about 20 minutes before landing, if you have become chilled at altitude.  As the body warms during descent, blood vessels dilate, and lost blood volume due to dehydration can dim your perception and slow your reflexes.  (This phenomenon is insidious but very real.  I am particularly susceptible to it, often falling asleep upon warming up after playing in the cold for a couple of hours.)

Lots of dust devils out there today with a cloud base to 9500 ft. 

Fly Safely,