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Soaring Forecast March 17-18

posted Mar 17, 2012, 12:23 PM by Unknown user

Saturday looks iffy, but from my office in E-burg, I can see clearing over Table Mountain, meaning  good soaring weather may arrive this afternoon in Wenatchee.  Sunday is predicted to be excellent spring soaring with Mary Poppins TIs and lots of cumulus clouds.

Tow Pilots

If the weather clears Saturday afternoon, find a tow pilot; soaring should be good. Sunday, Don has agreed to tow about 1:30.  Chris and I will be talking safety around noon and then flying afterwards; I have reserved the LS-3, but I will bargain for the L-33, if somebody wants the LS.

Other Stuff

Use RWY 7-25 grass for landing IF the winds permit.  The more we use it, the better argument we have for keeping it! However, do NOT hesitate to use 12-30, should gusty spring winds favor that RWY.  Finally, take it easy on your first few flights. Go up for quality control and practice.  It always takes a while to warm up.  

Please fly safely,