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Soaring Instruction for the 2011 Season--New Web Page

posted Feb 18, 2011, 8:16 PM by Unknown user

I am back in the work force this soaring season. Consequently, my time is more limited than last year. I will devote Saturdays only to instruction this year, as we attempt to standardize operations a bit.  I am planning two-hour instruction blocks, from 10:00am until 4:00 pm, provided tow pilots are available and the weather cooperates. We are also trying to standardize tow pilot schedules this year, always a tough job in any soaring club.

Consequently, if you want instruction with me, you must sign up for a block on INSTRUCTIONAL SATURDAY, using the Calendar feature on our new web site at  We will soon be posting information about getting member access to this site. By the way, Kent Leyde did a fantastic job getting the new site going. One of Mark's beautiful photographs adorns the header, and we have posted some preliminary material on the site.  Please begin looking to it for information, because we will soon migrate to it for all our postings. Finally, Vitek graciously allowed us to link to our "old" web pages which contain a tremendous amount of valuable information that will never grow obsolete.

Please note that Tim and John will have their own schedules, so if you want instruction from them, please contact them.  I hope to see you flying soon; I can hardly wait!