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Soaring Memorial Day Weekend

posted May 27, 2011, 4:04 PM by Unknown user

We are under the influence of a low pressure system off the coast of Canada, cycling in one short wave after another.  This spring-like pattern has forced frequent and quick weather changes through our area.  Today, Friday, I hope you are out flying, because the soaring weather is superb.  Tonight another wave will dip through. Although complete cloud cover is probable late in the day Saturday, we can hope for the blue hole. Sunday, the instability should be marked with thunderstorms likely, so soaring on Sunday should be terrifyingly good.  Monday, look for more cloud cover but less instability. 

Tow Pilots

We don't have any yet.

Other Stuff

1.  Vitek led a wonderful seminar on cross country soaring last Saturday.  His talk was encouraging, informative, and straight forward.  On that note, I will conduct a flight planning seminar as soon as classes let out for the summer.  During that seminar you will be able to prepare flights with Glide Plan software, and fly simulations with Glide Nav II and XC Soar. By the way, XC Soar (FREE, OPEN SOURCE) is a wonderful tool.  I loaded it into my decade old PDA, messed with files, and got it to sing to me. We should think about loading it onto the LS-3 PDA.

2.  The Dust UP is this weekend.  I will be helping out in Ephrata on Saturday morning and flying on Sunday.  I should be over Saturday afternoon to see if anybody is flying.  I will be gone all of next weekend but back for the duration of the summer.

Fly Safely,