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Soaring Mothers' Day Weekend

posted May 11, 2012, 3:20 PM by Unknown user

This afternoon (Friday) looks good for dry thermals, as a large high pressure system drifts over our region to stay all weekend.  Although an east wind is predicted Saturday and Sunday, clear skies and warm sun are predicted to cook up very energetic, squatty thermals on Saturday.  Sunday, we'll have to wait and see.

Tow Pilots

John will tow Saturday at 1:00, and I will sniff in the Lark with a brave passenger.  Nobody is scheduled to tow yet for Sunday.

Other Stuff

Vitek has had two remarkable flights this spring.  On Thursday he was able to go very fast at good altitude on a great cross-country triangle to the east.  Don reported that he had a good flight in the Lark.   Mark made it to Mission Ridge in a good local area flight, even after the clouds ran out.  I was able to take a cat's path to Quincy, Mission Ridge, Badger, and almost back to Ephrata in dolphin flight of at least 10 mi with 90 kts on final glide home from near Ephrata.  If you aren't flying, you are missing some great soaring weather.

This message from Ron:  We cannot leave equipment at the intersection, nor can we ride the bike on the taxiway.  I am not sure if the bicycle restriction includes the dead runway 7-25.  This is something we have to sort out.  Most likely we will be meeting with Ron to negotiate some rights.  

Fly Safely,