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Soaring Recap

posted Mar 17, 2011, 9:45 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 17, 2011, 8:34 PM by Kent Leyde ]

If you missed the safety seminar last Saturday, make sure you check in with
someone who was there. Important Issues:
1. We're all in this together; Watch out for each other!
2. Do NOT fly without a working radio at Pangborn; Announce intention to enter
the pattern using the word "Glider" and continue your landing announcements
using that word.
3. Be mighty careful around the ridge, especially in wind shear and easterly
4. Get out of the mountains when the light gets low.
5. We've been very fortunate with close encounters of all kinds in the last two
years; Let's all watch out for each other.

We have two new members, Pauline and Bruce Jamieson, a father/daughter duo.
Pauline is a flight student at CWU, soon to test for her CFI rating, and her
father, Bruce, is a former power pilot. Both will be regulars on Saturdays from
now on. Vitek checked out in the Lark, and Don flew his first solo of the year
in the Lark Saturday.

Until we get our Blanik back or another trainer, the Lark will be booked up
pretty tightly on Saturdays. I need to reserve it for lessons then, but Sundays
will be free.

DEADLINE April 1; No Foolin'!

We will transition to our new, beautiful, superdelux, exotic, sexy, information
packed, stellar, and cosmic Google site. Furthermore, on April 1, we will
officially migrate all posts to Google Group. So, don't be shy, don't be
square, don't be caught pulling you're hair. Move on over and Google to
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