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Soaring Recap

posted Mar 23, 2011, 11:36 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 24, 2011, 4:29 PM by cascade soaring ]
We had a ball Saturday in good spring conditions.  Chris was up in his 1-26 for quite a while and Roy completed his flight review, coming down only because others wanted to fly the Lark. John and Keith got their spring check outs with Tim. Later Dave flew the L-33....for a very short time....I, on the other hand, flew it for a long time....only to be taunted by our jealous President over the radio.  Despite Dave's verbal harassment, I was able to keep up with Keith and Tim in the Lark, porpoising under the huge cumulus clouds for a couple of hours.  Thanks, Travis, for towing and showing Cody the (tow) ropes.  (Thanks, Dave, for letting me go up.)

Sunday was ugly sky day, as the weather gods recovered from their Saturday night party.

Our new web site is growing more fantastic by the day. It will soon be one of the best soaring club sites in the nation, thanks to Kent's work.  April 1 we migrate to our new Blog site: and our new private group site.
All news will be posted on the first page of the blog site, so you have easy access to information .  However, you must be a member to post information on the blog. Additionally, confidential conversations may take place on our new Google group site, and Kent has worked hard to migrate documents of all sorts there.  Contact Kent for information about both:

More news Friday for the weekend forecast.  Today looks fantastic as I sit writing looking out toward Wenatchee.  I hope somebody is up soaring.