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Soaring This Weekend, April 16-17

posted Apr 15, 2011, 2:08 PM by Unknown user

A front will pass through tonight, giving us a break from the clouds Saturday and Sunday.  High pressure off the coast will again bring brisk winds Saturday.  These are predicted to be below 25 kts, but pressure profile is similar to that of last Saturday, when we got blown out.  Sunday, however, we should be under the influence of high pressure with sun and cool air.  The air high aloft will be pretty stable, but low level thermals are likely.  In summary, soaring should be good both days, provided the wind doesn't blow us out Saturday.


John or Travis will tow Saturday, beginning about 12:45.  If we get three or more launches, Travis will tow.  If not, John will tow. (Travis will travel the 45 minutes to the airport for 3 or more launches only.)  On the other hand, John has other engagements, so he may not be able to stay long. I have a student coming and we will launch first, unless the winds shut us down.

Sunday, there is no tow pilot scheduled.  It should be a good day to fly, so you might find one.


Kent should be finishing up his ticket at Williams Soaring in California on Monday.  Mark has a centerfold photo in this month's Soaring of a glider landing during the Region 8 contest and another smaller photo of the grid.  Chris has a letter to the editor, which expresses a viewpoint common to many "grass roots" pilots.

I have been receiving my Soaring magazine only sporadically.  I wrote an article about Arnie and sent it into the Soaring editor months ago.  Has anybody seen it printed as a letter? 

I will be flying in Ephrata regularly this summer to increase my x-country experience and gain contest experience.  To do so, I have managed to buy time in a DG 1000, owned by the Seattle Glider Council.  If it all works out, I will be flying one round of the Dust Up contest on Memorial Day with Nelson Funston, who has kindly agreed to mentor some of us "at the cusp" of our soaring careers.  (Note to all:  A cusp is a sharp point on a curve, beyond which a measure goes up...or down...).  Also, there is a chance I will be able to fly part of the Region 8 contest as well.  I view this new experience as a means of professional development, so that I may pass on knowledge to others in our organization.  It will also be really, really fun!

Fly Safely,