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Soaring This Weekend, April 2-3

posted Apr 1, 2011, 3:01 PM by Unknown user

A very steep pressure gradient will induce a blowout on Saturday.  I have canceled my lessons because of this, and because I am a bit under the weather.   However, breakfast at 8:00 at the usual place and much needed work at the clubhouse will give us a reason to hope for Sunday soaring.  Sunday should be good for soaring.  The cold pool high pressure system will settle over our area bringing sunshine and cool air. 


Travis said he would tow on Saturday.  However, I have canceled my lessons, so he may not want to be around for just one or two tows.   John should be around.  Sunday, we don't have anybody yet.


1.  Bring you badge renewal form for Dave, downloadable from the Pangborn site.
2.  Kent will be at the clubhouse Saturday, to help you with connection to our new sites.
3.  We need to make some links (both types) and tow ropes, else we will soon run out.
4.  I have to be in Seattle Sunday, and I'll be out Saturday only if I feel better.
5.  Thanks to Alan, Kurt, and Dave for installing seals on LS-3 and for polishing the wings.
6.  We need a report on the status of the grass runway.
7.  There is still no final report from LET on the L-13, but there is a $6000 Ka-4 antique in Tennessee that won't last long. See Wings and Wheels.

Fly safely,