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Soaring This Weekend April 9-10

posted Apr 8, 2011, 2:25 PM by Unknown user

We are in a transition period between cool high pressure, waning into a low pressure system to the north.  The transition will take place Saturday with manageable westerly winds 5-15 kts under broken skies.  Expect good ridge  lift; cross your fingers for the Wenatchee hole to appear, brininging "squatty" but definite bumps.  Sunday expect southerly flow from the dominant low pressure system off the coast.  Expect cloudy skies, sprinkles, but ridge lift in the right places.


Travis will tow Saturday for some introductory flights, starting at noon.   Nobody is signed to tow Sunday.  See if weather looks good.


I looked at Kevin Ford's TI predictions for KEAT Yesterday: -3 up to 18,000 ft.  First, I hope that really happened.  Second, I hope somebody flew in that.

When the wind permits, and we must exchange gliders/pilots at the intersection, we will be landing long on Runway 25 grass.  We think this is the safest way to preserve access to RWY 12-30 and execute the smoothest transitions of pilots to planes.  When landing long on RWY 25 grass, save just enough energy to roll off the grass to the left, roll over the soft shoulder, and  slide onto RWY 25.  Remember, RWY 25 (hard) is closed. Do not land there. Also, please control your "taxi" speed, just in case someone crosses your path on the taxiway.  Always watch for cross traffic there!

Fly Safely,