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Soaring This Weekend, March 26-27

posted Mar 25, 2011, 8:40 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 26, 2011, 9:52 AM by Kent Leyde ]

A static low pressure system off the coast (again) is cycling flows
counterclockwise from the southwest. The weather service is not specific about
the forecast, stating only that unstable, moisture laden flows will be with us
this weekend. I'll step out on a limb, noting from the satellite videos that
the system looks about the same as last week. This means that arms from the low
pressure system will swing through, alternating broken skies and decent soaring
conditions with overcast skies and crappy soaring conditions. We'll have to wait
and see which prevails.


Travis agreed that he will be at the airport Saturday "noonish" if the weather
looks like it will support soaring. If there is any question, call him on
Saturday. There is nobody to tow on Sunday yet.


1. Dave has formally denied taunting me as I flew last Saturday, although he
readily admits that evil thoughts lurk behind the mask. Is it any wonder that I
am paranoid? Nevertheless, I believe him. So, there is a mystery here. Who was
it on the radio, reminding me that I should be home grading papers?

2. Please read Dave's previous post about new badges. It is important that we
all comply with the airport regulations here. Thanks, Dave, for again handling
all the paperwork.

3. Our new web site is growing more fantastic by the day, thanks to Kent's
work. April 1 we migrate to our new Blog site: and
our new private group site.
All news will be posted on the first page of the blog site, so you have easy
access to information . However, you must be a member to post information on the
blog. Additionally, confidential conversations may take place on our new Google
group site, and Kent has worked hard to migrate documents of all sorts there.
Contact Kent for information about both:

4. Be mighty careful during spring soaring. The weather can be very
unpredictable and viciously turbulent. Give yourself extra altitude, extra
speed, and extra caution.

Fly Safely,