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Soaring This Weekend May 14-15

posted May 13, 2011, 10:43 AM by Unknown user

Severe weather is headed our way again this weekend, as a massive trough builds instability through the western US. If we get lucky, a hole will open Saturday, but ups and downs will be extreme.  Sunday should see a stratus layer and rain.  Sorry; this weekend looks bad for flying.


Travis said he will tow Saturday, but I will probably tell him not to come out if the weather looks as bad as I think it will.  Sunday, nobody is scheduled.


Next Friday, I will hold a cross country planning seminar at the club house at 4:00.  We will discuss classical flight planning for soaring.  Also, I have all the materials to begin a badge program, which I intend to employ with new students and any "old" pilots who wish to participate.  More later about this.

Fly Safely,