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Soaring This Weekend May 4-6

posted May 4, 2012, 12:56 PM by Unknown user

A strong high pressure system off the coast, coupled with low pressure inland promises strong winds Friday and Saturday as a cold front makes its way through our region.  Sunday the winds should relax a bit.  If we don't get blown out, good soaring will persist through this weekend with good markers on Friday, and not as many Saturday or Sunday.

Tow Pilots

Dan will tow beginning at 1:00 on Saturday. 

Other Stuff

Vitek, Mark, and I had good flights Wednesday, but it's really cold up there lately.  After we landed late in the day, our first words to each other were about very cold feet.  Dress warmly if you fly this weekend. 

For those thinking about taking club ships cross-country, please use the following check-list, versions of which are found at many soaring sites.  Also note that the L-33 trailer needs a license plate and the LS-3 trailer needs more work before being road worthy.

Before flying cross-country, you must:

1.  Check extended weather outlook and NOTAMs;
2.  Construct a flight plan with decision altitudes and distances, using airports as safe landing fields.
3.  Check trailer for rigging equipment, tools, road worthiness, compatible electrical connector, compatible hitch ball, and current license plate.
4.  Back your vehicle up to the trailer hitch, so that it is ready to go;
5.  Have at least one knowledgeable crew member standing by, who can drive your vehicle with trailer, and who can help you de-rig and load the glider without damage.  (Don't forget to leave a key for the crew member somewhere outside your vehicle.)
6.  Reserve the glider on the CSS calendar, using the words "Cross-Country" and general direction of flight, in case we need to find you.  (This is good practice, because, unlike power pilots, glider pilots usually do not file flight plans.)

Fly Safely,