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Spring is (almost) in the Air

posted Feb 14, 2011, 8:28 AM by cascade soaring   [ updated Feb 25, 2011, 11:21 AM by Kent Leyde ]

(Update: due to weather, activities for Saturday the 26th have been cancelled...go skiing instead!) We are going to have our pre opening weekend on Saturday 26th beginning at 8:00 am at the Country Inn for breakfast.  All are welcome.  This is not a mandatory meeting.  In fact we don’t have any mandatory meetings.  On this particular day we typically assemble our two place gliders and get our instructors current for the official opening weekend which is the following Saturday March 5th.  This year with the Blanik L-13 being grounded we will only have the Lark to put together.  Depending upon weather and temperatures, the board members may have a meeting after breakfast to discuss some issues, and any CSS member is always free to attend.  I am reasonably sure that weather conditions will dictate the length of the meeting.


On our official opening day Saturday, March 5th, we will empty out the hangar, put gliders together, have a safety briefing, and try to get as many members as possible current.  The club will provide the usual gourmet lunch we have all become accustomed to.  Everyone is welcome, potential members, tow pilots and past members are encouraged to attend or drop by to visit.