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Thanks to All at Safety Briefing

posted Mar 11, 2012, 3:16 PM by Unknown user
The safety briefing Saturday packed our clubhouse.  Thanks to all those who showed up, especially potential new members.  Special thanks go to Vitek who led the safety meeting and afterwards gave Spring check-out rides to so many of us.  Additionally, thanks go to Alan for towing a lot and to Dan for taking over. Finally, thanks go to Dave for organizing.  We're on our way to a wonderful new season of soaring.

Additionally, here are a couple of things to consider:

1.  We established a procedure last year for landing with westerly winds when there are repeated launches from the intersection.  If another launch in your ship is expected, and if winds are westerly, land long on RWY 25 grass, stopping short of the taxiway. You may use residual energy to roll out onto closed RWY 7-25, but it is advisable to stop short of the taxiway.  Following this procedure reduces competition for RWY 12-30, separates gliders from other traffic in the pattern, and keeps the intersection clear for other operations.
2.  Glider staging directly on the runway preceded every launch Saturday, and this procedure was  well-orchestrated for most of the launches.  Pilots were essentially ready to go when they were rolled out onto the RWY, thereby minimizing time sitting at the intersection.  However, as we found out, it is not foolproof.  Someone took off over our heads on RWY 12 after we had announced and staged; we had multiple radios and nobody heard their departure announcement. Consequently, it is critical to clear the intersection before staging there. LOOK and LISTEN for both departing and landing aircraft.  REPEAT the staging announcement, if staging takes longer than 2 minutes. If you suspect somebody will depart or land ON YOU, keep repeating the staging call and CLEAR the RWY immediately.

Please fly safely,