Our Mission

The Cascade Soaring Society mission is to provide our members with the opportunity to fully and safely enjoy the sport of soaring.  As part of our mission, we seek to help others discover this thrilling and challenging sport.

Cascade Soaring Society is one of the oldest glider clubs in Washington State.  About a decade after WWII we relocated from Puget Sound to Fancher Field in Wenatchee.  We presently make our home at Pangborn Memorial Airport in East Wenatchee, Washington.

We are student pilots, private pilots, commercial pilots, and FAA certified flight instructors. We are a non-profit club, where members learn from each other. 

We teach young folks to fly, and old folks too - because we love to soar!

Our Location

Cascade Soaring Society is located at one of the most spectacular soaring sites in the western United States. 

The Cascade Range to our west scrubs the Pacific air of most of its humidity, providing for superb thermal-forming conditions in Eastern Washington with cloud bases frequently above 10,000 feet.

The favorable geography, excellent weather, and wide open areas give a glider pilot just the right conditions to explore the excitement of the soaring sport to its fullest extent.  We soar in thermals, on the ridge, and in the wave